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Rita Barrington, Female Voice Over Artist

British female voice over artist, Rita Barrington, can adapt her versatile voiceover talent to suit your voiceover or spoken word recording needs. Her natural voice has a warm sincere quality, and her wide vocal range is ideal for all types of voice over productions including:

  • Radio Drama
  • Audio Book Narration & Childrens’ Audiobooks
  • Radio & TV Voiceover Documentaries & Commercials
  • Corporate Video & Audio Voiceovers
  • Website Voice Overs
  • Cartoon Voices

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“Hi! I’m Rita Barrington, a freelance female voice artist. I chose to work in the voiceover business because I love using my vocal talent when creating a rich variety of characters and accents. I am told my voice has mature tonal quality that attracts and keeps the listeners’ attention. As a female voice actor, my main aim is to deliver your spoken word project in a friendly professional manner.

Be assured, your voiceover or spoken word project will be in sound voiceover hands when I am in the recording studio!

My skill as a voice actor and voice over artist developed during a RADA Radio Acting course, which I attended in London during the late 90’s at the launch of my voice-over career.

Since then, I have gained much valuable experience in the voiceover and spoken word recording industry through narration of unabridged fiction for BBC AudioBooks.

I have easy access to a professional recording studio for recording voiceovers or other spoken word performances. The voice over studio I use is also equipped with ISDN (using Audio TX Communicator, which is compatible with all professional codecs) for directed voiceover or spoken word recording sessions.

I am based in Weymouth, Dorset, UK.

Email me or give me a call on 07776 422309.

Recording testimonials for Rita Barrington

“Balmaha Bears” by Carole Meara (Childrens’ fiction)

“I very much liked what I heard in your samples because I know that, in the absence of a physical image – as on a radio programme – an actress either has the vocal presence (and technique) or she does not. You shone out among all the others.”
Keith Salmon – Audiobook Producer

“Ms. Barrington used her own voice well and invented an array of character voices to excitingly portray a wide range of different animals and character types within a short space of time.”
Customer review – Amazon

More reviews

“Maisie Dobbs” by Jacqueline Winspear for BBC Audiobooks

“British Actress, Barrington’s fully voiced reading is masterful; this is a gem!”
(Kliatt, USA)

“The Narrator’s range adds to the strong sense of time and place, hitting all the right notes, from the aristocratic Lady Rowan to the French master detective to Maisie’s cockney assistant.”
(Hingham Public Sound Library, USA )

“Rita Barrington’s narration creates a vivid sense of time, place and character. . .Barrington’s voices help the listener keep straight the many characters. . .”
(Audiofile Magazine)

“The audio version of Maisie Dobbs is very well done. The reader’s wonderful British accent enhanced my perception of Maisie’s intelligence and manners. I was also impressed when her voice took on a detached, almost dream-like, quality as wartime events were recalled.”
Lakeside Musing

“I am so glad I went this route, as the reader (Rita Barrington) was outstanding! The characters sprang to life and I was completely engrossed in the mystery, as well as the surrounding details of Maisie’s past.”
Lesley’s Book Nook Blog

I’m late to the party, but I just discovered the CD sound recording of Maisie Dobbs in my public library. Have nearly finished listening to it now and I just had to write and tell you what an exceptionally wonderful job you did as narrator. So many distinct voices, and you shift between them so seamlessly. I am awestruck and so appreciative. I have my fingers crossed that the next book in the series is read by you. Congratulations on a job well done!
Wendy Lyons Sunshine, Arlington, Texas, USA

Hello, Ms. Barrington ~ Your voice is incredible, and I’m so glad you read the audiobook of Maisie Dobbs. I can only applaud the other remarks on your site which have eloquently expressed what I would like to say about your narration. I would add that your singing voice, so full and note perfect, added a much appreciated element to the audio experience. My hearing is sensitive, and most attempts to vocalize song in audiobooks are painful. I enjoyed your singing very much and wished there had been more.

If I can find a way to search for books by narrator, I will follow your voice into other readings. Thank you.
Ruth Lanteigne


Rita Barrington – Voice Over Artist — 14 Comments

  1. Enchanted by Rita Barrington’s reading of Maisie Dobbs, I was shocked and dismayed that she is not the reader for the other books in the series. I would have instantly bought any in which Ms.Barrington was the narrator. From the samples, it is obvious that the other readers are not in the same league. I have listened to hundreds of audiobooks and find no other reader as wonderful. Rita Barrington has both the voice and the art. Her Maisie Dobbs is perfection itself.

    • Dear Paul Leu

      Thank you so much for your very generous comments;they brought a big smile to my face!

      I, was also dismayed and disappointed when not invited to record the other books in this series. I had hoped that would be the case, but hey-ho such is life. However, I’m truly delighted you enjoyed listening to my narration.

      With my thanks and very best wishes, Rita Barrington

      • I have to agree – I just went to the Audible site to buy the next book, after listening to your Maisie Dobbs. I was so disappointed to not see your name (I would have bought the entire series, had it been you!) Thank you for a wonderful recording. Do you have any other work available in the U.S.?

        • Your comments are very much appreciated and it’s so reassuring to know you enjoyed my narration. Sadly, after my disappointment at not being asked to record the rest of the series, I began doubting my ability, and have been hiding in the wings – so to speak. I’m sorry, I haven’t anything else available in the U.S. However, I now feel a whole lot better thanks to good folks such as yourself. So watch this space! 🙂

  2. Your reading of Maisie Dobbs in book 1 has been the most enjoyable Maisie. I also miss your Maisie in the subsequent books. Thank you for making it so enjoyable and bringing Maisie to life.

  3. I agree with everyone else. The other reader of Maisie Dobbs is not in your league. SO disappointed. Please post any of your other VOs in the UK or wherever! We’ll all rush to listen!

    • Many thanks Jan for your encouraging comments. I was not given the opportunity of reading the following books in that series, which was disappointing. But to receive such lovely comments ten years on, is thrilling!

  4. Ms. Barrington, I was so sorry to hear in one of your above replies that you had begun to doubt your abilities. Please don’t do that!
    I went directly from your audio performance of the first Maisie Dobbs audiobook to the next installation and I was crestfallen. I’m sure the new performer is a very nice lady, but your voice has the sweet sensitivity that one would imagine Maisie possessing. And not just Maisie — the facility of your voice and your acting talent brought ALL of the book’s characters to life. Please promise you will post any other performances available to the public. Thank you.

    • Hello Lee, many thanks for your very kind and encouraging comments. You have made my day! Delighted you appreciated my voice and acting skills. I will definitely let you know when I’m invited to record another book. Happy Listening!

  5. We listened and watched Rita at our W.I meeting become so many different people , her voice, mini costume changes and facial expressions were a delight together with the readings from old newspapers , plays and even her own poetry . an afternoon of delight and fun , Thank you Rita

    • To all the lovely ladies of Sutton Poyntz WI: Thank you for inviting me to present my ‘Literally Allsorts’ show. I’m delighted you enjoyed my second visit just as much as my first. Such an appreciative audience. Best regards, Rita

  6. I listen to audiobooks all the day long (practically) and you are one of the very best female voice actresses I have ever heard. There are many good male voices but a dearth of female. Shop yourself out to all the audiobook creators in the US, fiction and nonfiction. Please, we need you!

  7. A lovely lady who looked fantastic gave us a wonderful evening of Music Hall entertainment.
    It was our last ever WI meeting and Rita helped us go out on high!
    A real star.

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