Marie Lloyd – Life & Times

‘The Victorian Music Hall Scene has long held a fascination for me, and in particular Miss Marie Lloyd, also affectionately known as, ‘The Queen of the Music Halls’.

Marie is mostly remembered for her saucy wit, larger than life personality and unique talent. She is indeed a British legend; it’s this that first inspired me to research her fascinating life, which has resulted in my devising a personal tribute to the great lady herself through words and song.

I am delighted to say that my one woman show, entitled: ‘The Life and Times of Miss Marie Lloyd’ has been warmly received wherever and whenever I’ve presented it. Audiences are wowed by my costumes, and listen with great interest to some hitherto little known facts about the ups and downs of life in and out of the lime-light. They’re also encouraged to join me in singing some of the old-time music hall favourites: ‘Don’t Dilly Dally’; ‘Oh, Mr Porter’, ‘The Boy in the Gallery’ to name just a few.’

Since teaming-up with James (my piano accompanist) at the latter part of 2013, my repertoire has widened to include many popular songs from the Great War years.

So, do contact me if your group / organization is planning an event to commemorate the Centenary of WW1. James and I would love to entertain you. ‘

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